End Times Battle Plan

Tyranny is not a new concept. Throughout all history man has joined forces with evil to create an agenda of rebellion against God as a means to become a god. It started in Eden, flourished to a breaking point in Genesis 6 where mankind was joined with fallen beings. This led to rebellion of such a nature that man learned how to give up their humanity in search of becoming part of the ranks of the fallen ones. In Babylon, Nimrod was practicing the dark arts to the point of changing his very nature to that of a Gibborim (mighty one, giant, much like a Nephilim). He incited the rebellion of Babel. Eventually man’s thoughts were only evil continually. Judgement came from God. As in the days of Noah, this agenda is at work today.

The culture of Babylon still exists in our society today, to earn admiration, strive to become, operate in the flesh until the enemy comes and offers even more power to accomplish our will. This happens even in our churches. Pagan roots can be found in much of our practices that are deemed religious and good. Good works done in the flesh are rotten fruit. We must be wise and harmless in our spirituality.

Wisdom searches the heart of God for truth, no matter what society calls normal. There is an agenda at work to dull our senses to the heart of God. There is a veil over the nations (mind control put in place by sorcery and kept there by broadcasts from satellites to be received by electronic devices and even by your own brain). It seeks to destroy purity and righteousness by overwhelming us with information and sensuality. We cannot walk in the flesh and see God. We cannot practice rebellion and be innocent of witchcraft.

We can easily get discouraged when we see the plans of evil at work in our world. The current economic and political chaos are direct results of people in places of power, joining with forces of evil to dominate the mass of humanity and make them slaves to their agenda. Habakkuk saw this kind of destruction at work in his day and cried out to the Lord. God’s reply is WOE to the oppressors… the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Take heart, seeker of the Most High. When you see the chaos, it only means the Lord is quickly coming to bring justice. Habakkuk 2 and 3 tell us that the Lord is in his holy temple, let all the earth keep silence before him. His splendor covers the heavens and the earth is full of his praise. His brightness is like the light, rays flash from his hands. This is the God coming to your defense. He sees the tyranny of man played out over your life. He will thresh the nations for the salvation of his anointed.

So what is our role? Repent for the kindgom of God is at hand. Tear down the works of Babylon, the witchcraft and rebellion at work through your need to be in control. Recognize your humanity and God’s supremacy. Be working in the field until the time of harvest. Share the light of Christ. Habakkuk 2:16-17 tells us to wait quietly for the day of trouble to come upon the people who invade us. Even in times of famine and extreme hardship, rejoice.

Verses 18-19 tell us that while we wait, rejoice in the Lord, take joy in the God of our salvation. He will make our feet like the deer and we will tread on high places. (Know that weeping lasts for a night, but joy comes in the morning. He draws nigh to those who draw night to him.) He will come to your defense, wait with praise, wait with joy. Go to high places in the spirit as he empowers those who quietly wait for him.