Astral Travel Attacks

Chaos. It doesn’t take very long for a perfectly lovely day to go screeching downhill to become a chaotic mess. I have learned the hard way that these things can be orchestrated events by people in cooperation with evil.
Astral travel allows human souls to leave their body and they are invisible invaders into any space. Charles Manson said he didn’t mind being locked in a jail cell, he could go anywhere he wanted. He was speaking of astral travel. It is sickening.
We die for lack of knowledge, yet the knowing is really uncomfortable. Do we WANT people to invade our homes? Never! Do they? ALL.THE.TIME.
The Lord has revealed covens coming  in groups to do an astral ritual in people’s homes, in churches, in places that are supposed to be our safe havens. We have to WAKE UP!
What are the signs? Sudden inexplainable sickness, discomfort, uneasiness, chaotic behavior, outbursts of anger, intensified symptoms of a “normal” malady, feeling restless, waking suddenly for no apparent reason, feeling weak and dizzy, extreme fatigue, feeling like you are dragging yourself along, everything going wrong, frustration, helplessness, deep sudden depression or sorrow. (Insert your bad day here.)
So, what do we do? We put on the full armor of God. We worship Him and pray scripture over our lives. We ask the angels of God to remove the human spirits and demonic entities. We stand.
A typical prayer for me in this instance is “Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask the full armor to be put on me washed in the blood of Lamb. I ask the angels of God to remove all human and demonic spirits that are serving the kingdom of darkness. I ask to be hidden under the shadow of your wing. Confuse my enemies and bring me into the secret place of the Most High God. I thank you, Lord, that your angels will not let me dash my foot against a stone and for your name, that beautiful strong tower of safety. I step into it now and draw a blood line of the Lord Jesus Christ around me.