How can a Christian have a demon?

We recommend a sermon series called “Free Indeed” by Robert Morris on gateway people.com under the archives. He gives a thorough scriptural basis that answers this question.

Where do the demons go when you cast them out?

We cancel the assignments of the demonic and send them into the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Will this get rid of every demon?

The process will break generational rights and close many open doors to the demonic.   We believe the freedom process is a lifetime journey of renewing the mind and coming into alignment with what God says through His word. The demonic will continue to have a right to harass us when we have belief systems that are contrary to the mind of Christ. We believe everyone will benefit from continued inner healing. People with heavy occult involvement or abuse of any kind will need to be diligent in seeking support and inner healing sessions.  Deliverance is a powerful step in the journey of freedom.  The amount of freedom that comes is in direct proportion to how much the person’s entire being comes into agreement with the truth of God.

Will this permanently get rid of demons?

The demonic have a very simple job description, to kill, steal and destroy.  When they lose their rights, they will come back with more lies and try to reestablish their territory in you. Jesus clearly said “In this world, you will have trouble.” We need to remember that he also said “take heart, I have overcome the world.”  We will always be at war, but we can go from victory to victory through the power of Christ.

Will I start climbing the walls and crawl across the ceiling?

(We really did have someone ask us this.) The answer is no, you will not.  We do not allow manifestations of any kind in the session.  The covering prayer we put in place is very specific.  We are very clear with the enemy that none of those tactics will be allowed. We have all authority in Jesus’ name and we use it.  We have done hundreds of deliverances and each one is a peaceful, powerful session full of revelation of the enemy’s tactics and the truth of God to counteract the lies.