Recommended Learning

We highly recommend that you do your own research about the need for deliverance.  If you would like a solid, scriptural basis for the question “Can a Christian have a demon?” we recommend that you watch the sermon series by Robert Morris called “Free Indeed.” It can be found under the archives on

Another series by Robert Morris that we highly recommend for every believer is “Amazing Grace.”


Derek Prince has a series on youtube that teaches about the structure of Satan’s kingdom, the nature of witchcraft and the spirit of the anti-christ 


Bob Hamp has a series called Freedom Class there are 5 classes posted on YouTube, here is the first link   Bob also has a website for his Think Differently Academy.  You can sign up for free and watch many of his videos there.  Anatomy of a Stronghold is a fantastic teaching.


Youtube-Robert Henderson, “The Courts of Heaven” a sermon series on prayer and how to break the legal rights the enemy has over the details of your life. The first sermon’s link is here

For help with bitterness  watch the Root Cause series by Robert Morris




For help with trauma and the effects of it on your body soul and spirit

How to Hear God’s Voice a book by Mark Virkler, activities to increase your ability to hear.

For those struggling with sexual addictions, please watch this series

Here is another resource for freedom from lust and sexual impurity.

For further renunciation prayers

For understanding the enemy’s agenda and insight into the spiritual realm- We highly recommend Dr Michael Heiser’s work  about THE UNSEEN REALM

For help with sexual impurity and lust: