Beth came to deliverance wondering shy she was always angry, no matter how much she prayed, she couldn’t stop her outbursts of anger to those she loved. She had experienced deep rejection as a child.  An abusive former boyfriend had committed suicide and Beth blamed herself for his death.  The pain of that made her give up on God and turn to witchcraft.

Her deliverance revealed the anger was generational torment from spirits of dissension that had been given right to her through her bloodline.  The suicide of her boyfriend was supposed to break her beyond repair and the demonic considered that the high point of destruction in her life. The witchcraft was introduced purposefully into her life to steal her worship from the Creator to the created things.

Truth that God revealed to Beth:

“You have a power through the Almighty that can never be broken. I have been working through the generations for this moment.  You have never been captive. I have always loved you, always been there with you. Pain can be the gateway into my love if you will turn to me. I will hold you and keep you where you will know my presence and be healed.

If anger comes, love me with all your heart and soul. It’s what you were created for.  The power you have to love is so great, it frightens demons.  In the cradle, I was there, I held back the very power of the demons that were trying to engage with you; because of this, you will be stronger, mightier.  You are a warrior for my kingdom for which there is no end. I have come so that you may have life in abundance, to bring it to others in healing and love, the power of salvation in unlimited. No demons can ever take away the power of my love, light and salvation.  You are in my quiver. You are now ready and all of that darkness will be turned into light to glorify my name forever.

The truth is in My word, I have grown you in faith, with the eyes of the blind so that you may see with your heart. Blessed are those who believe without seeing.  Your faith is your shield.  I am your protection.  I will keep you steady.  Remember the path that I walked, I walked it for you. So do not fear the demons of hell, for I do not. The enemy has no say over your life.

If you would like to read more about Beth’s testimony, go the http://theothersideofdarkness.com


Claire had suffered from addiction for over 25 years.  The Lord mercifully saved her and brought her out of that and into helping others overcome the same.  Claire heard the demonic audibly, especially in crowds, it became overwhelming to filter through the noise level.  On top of that, she had a continual high pitched ringing in her ears that made it difficult to concentrate and hear God’s voice. Claire had a strong faith in God’s ability and willingness to heal her, but she couldn’t find the freedom she was seeking.

Her deliverance revealed that the enemy used events in her childhood to create insecurities and doubt.  She felt isolated, unable to communicate and unloveable. When Claire had found love, the enemy starting loosing his grip on her soul, so he created situations to break up relationships and keep her bound.  She had relationship curses and poverty curses that were greatly affecting her life. The desperation was so great that Claire almost took her own life.

The Lord revealed that if Claire knew how much she was loved, the demons would lose all power over her.  He said that her friends care for and love her more than she had the capacity to understand.  Claire brings light and compassion everywhere she goes and people around her turn to the Light and the demonic lose control over her and the people around her because of her strength and love for the Lord.

The Lord said He loves and cherishes Claire, that she is His and good enough for everything.  He revealed that the difficulty in relationship between Claire and her mother was from a generational curse on the family.  He said her mother really did love her but was unable to communicate it because of her own darkness.  The demonic were terrified of what Claire would accomplish once they were gone. When Claire was at her lowest point and ready to take her life, the Lord revealed that he had sent angels to swarm around her and he sent her thoughts that changed her mind.   Claire saw her spiritual armor.  The breastplate was engraved with a heart that said “She is Mine”.  Her sword of the Spirit had an inscription that read “God so loved the world that He gave them you.”

Claire let us know that since deliverance, she no longer hears the voices of demonic sending lies and doubt. Even on very hard days, she is able to enjoy the quiet and communicate freely with the Lord.  The ringing in her ears has stopped.  She is praising God for the freedom He has brought and wants the world to know of His great love and power to free His children.

Natasha wrote: 

Andrea, I have had such a blessed week after my deliverance session. I feel light, happy on the inside (I would consider that joy). I feel like a weight has been lifted. The spirit of rejection that was so heavy on me for most of my life, is GONE. It is so hard to explain all what I feel. I feel like I finally have the truth about who I am and because God told me so, I don’t crave that acceptance of people anymore. I walk in love with others, giving with a rightful heart and move along not worrying if and was I accepted by them. I have found a new love for my prayer time and time in God’s word. I rejoice in songs of praise throughout my day. I talk to my Father as soon as my eyelids peel back in my head in the mornings.

My husband and I walked away from my session understanding the spirit of confusion (Leviathan) and realize that it was working in our marriage for some months now (we read up on it as well). Since then, just the other day my husband told me that when I speak, it comes across clear to him what I am saying and there is no more that confusion of understanding.



Physical intimacy is meant to make us one with the person. It creates a soul tie. At times we encounter people who have made mistakes in this arena. Today’s session was one of those times.

A girl got physically involved with the wrong person. That person happened to be an active occult member in secret. It created soul ties with the occult member’s entire coven. She has been physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually harassed ever since. Even though she repented of the encounter, she couldn’t find the freedom she longed for.

It is because her mistakes were mingling with the mistakes of her family’s past. She had a grandmother that decided men were weak and fail you, you are better off without them. The grandmother traded the anointing of God on the family line for the powers of Jezebel.

The relationships down the family line have been absolute destruction. It put a magnet on the descendants to attract weak men and repel strong men. **Our judgements of others are the sins that are connecting our family line to destruction.**

God’s truth is that people do fail, but he has made men strong. They get wounded and respond out of wounds, it doesn’t make them weak, it makes them wounded. Men cannot fulfill you completely, only Christ can bring that kind of fulfillment.

She repented of the bitterness, of holding expectation over men, of control and pride in judging them. The generational line was cleansed and the soul ties with the coven were broken.

THE TRUTH: He sets the lonely in families. He loved Judas, don’t be afraid to love in order to avoid betrayal. Love anyway, trust the Spirit of God to lead you to the right people. Lean into HIM, with worship, scripture and healthy community. Consistently inquire of Him. He is faithful. He has your back. Fight the good fight with every promise He has given.



We recently prayed for a pastor and his wife who were confused at how every ministry relationship seemed to end up broken.  People turned on them without warning.  As a minister, he was doing so much to press into the Father’s heart and seek understanding.  He listened to the Court of Heaven teaching and practiced the method.  The Lord revealed 12 different cosmic beings that had a right to accuse him in the Court of Heaven for things that had been done in his generational line.  He repented and they were removed by the Father himself.

If there is a circumstance that keeps repeating, there is a root of why that is allowed to happen.  Be not ignorant of the enemy’s devices.  You aren’t wrestling with flesh and blood, you are wrestling with the enemy of your soul that has kept account of every unconfessed sin in your generational line and he uses it to his advantage.  Keep fighting, keep seeking, keep knocking…be like the persistent widow.  If there is a circumstance you don’t understand, seek the Father’s revelation.  The secret things belong to HIM, not to the enemy.