Social Media

We recently had back to back sessions where the Lord brought up social media. He said it can easily become an addiction.  In one session he said that Facebook can heighten the need for affirmation.  As you post, it is natural to look for responses.  This actually increases the fear of man.

Trusting in our own wisdom is a trap.  Our own opinions can become an idol. We can become self righteous in the sharing of truth.  We can feel esteemed by heading up a group or by having a position of influence.  We can look for acceptance and it can result in pride or shame. We can end up being a respecter of persons. We can feel rejected.  It can become a minefield of emotional issues.  The enemy plays with this and intertwines it with the past wounds we have.

In another session, the Lord said social media is a distraction.  People change their make up and hair according to the acceptance of others.  We can look for the affirmation of others instead of the Lord.  There is witchcraft sent through portals.  He said when we choose to watch a video on Youtube we need to first seek His approval, then pray the blood of Jesus over the computer so that no spirits or assignments can transfer to us. He said the enemy lures us to social media by telling us we can be a light and a witness but what he is really doing is letting those who follow him keep tabs on you to curse you with more strength.

Be wise.  Be aware. Be cautious.