Signs of possible witchcraft attack

There are so many effects that witchcraft can have on us, I couldn’t possibly list them all.  They are so common, that they are considered normal. Here are just a few symptoms that may be caused by witchcraft coming against you.

Traveling pain throughout the body, confusion, inability to think clearly, losing track of your thoughts, sleeplessness, fitful sleep, waking up after only a short time of sleep, fatigue, inability to dream or remember dreams, inability to control food cravings, lack of appetite, disinterest in Bible reading, distraction during prayer, inability to follow a train of thought, bursts of anger, feelings of hatred and resentment, strange noises, sudden sense of cold, headaches, burning eyes, suicidal thoughts, violent thoughts, thoughts of a particular person out of nowhere (especially a from a past toxic relationship), perverse thoughts, sexual urges, lack of sexual desire, imbalance in body systems, forgetfulness, losing or misplacing items, machinery breaking down, lack of ability to connect to God in worship, wanting to run and hide, fear of public places, fear of people, gossip, false accusations, misunderstandings, chaos, feelings of low self image, feelings of self loathing, worthlessness, wanting to disappear, addictions, depression, overwhelming sorrow, sudden sickness,  bloating, indigestion, heart burn, clumsiness, self injury, lack of personal boundaries, inability to speak up for yourself, hearing random song lyrics run through your head, hearing voices, hearing thoughts of self harm, self criticism, constant complaining, inability to see beauty in life, hopelessness, scatter brained, arguments erupting out of nowhere, bickering, wanting to crawl out of your skin.

You can see the list could be endless.  Almost every physical or emotional problem could stem from witchcraft.  So, what do you do now?  Be aware.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Ask Him where the root of this was placed. Was it generational? Then repent for the sins of your family line and ask the Holy Spirit to expose the sin or curse, place it under the blood of Jesus.  Was it your sin?  Ask for forgiveness and cover it in the blood of Jesus.  Is it a soul tie you have with someone? Ask the Lord to cleanse the tie (or cut the tie if it is not a relationship He chose for you)  Is someone cursing you?  Ask the Father to separate you from all groups serving the powers of darkness and put the curse under the blood of Jesus, send blessing to them and let yourself be a vessel of love, concentrate on sending love to them from the heart of God through you.  Most of all….walk in the Spirit at all times, praying, worshipping and rejoicing that your sins are paid for by the Spotless Lamb of God.  Sing your way to freedom.  The only power you need is the resurrection power that pulled Christ from the grave.