Faith, it is the substance of everything we hope for. It cannot be measured in what we obtain or achieve, it is measured in what it costs for us to believe. It cost Jesus his life to believe the Father would be reconciled to us through his submission.

Faith is the magnet that draws us to the Father, it is the power that translated Enoch to the heavenly realm. It is how we can please God.

Faith is what warned Noah of future devastation and empowered him in the steps to avoid it. Faith will have us listening outside the box of our reality for supernatural solutions.

Sometimes, like Joseph, the things we have faith for will not be attained in our lifetime, but in the lives to come of those we love. Faith is preservation of the will of the Father despite what our eyes tell us about our circumstances.

Faith, like Abraham’s, sometimes has you let go of the very promise you received from the Lord, in order to obtain the inheritance for your children’s children. Faith will open your grip on what you once held very dear.

Faith, like Moses, will lead us away from all that is familiar into long, fiery trials for the sake of other’s freedom. It will keep us claiming the blood of Jesus over death that is breathing down our necks. Like Rahab, faith will save your life and the lives of your family when the world around you is in utter chaos.

The beauty of faith is that it is not manufactured by you or your will. IT ISN’T UP TO YOU. It is given in every measure by the Father. Ask and you will have. So, if you have lions surrounding you, wars of great magnitude coming against you, if you are being persecuted because of your faith, you are in terrific company and the world is not worthy to receive you. The war against you proves the intrinsic value of your life.

Faith will tell you that the sufferings of this current day cannot compare to the weight of the glory that is prepared for you by the very One you desire to please. This life is a vapor, drown out the voice of your enemy with the words of your Father over your life, by faith. It may cost you your life, but isn’t that the essence of faith? The will of the Father is our highest aim, His kingdom come, His will be done.