The Next Step after Deliverance

When I had deliverance, I was a new creature and I felt fantastic for about 2 months.  I prayed warfare and put my armor on, spent time in worship and in the Word.  I was doing all the right things to “walk it out.’ Soon though, my emotions and circumstances seemed very familiar. It seemed like my deliverance didn’t work.  It did work, but I had more work to do. I needed inner healing. I am still in inner healing to this day.

  If there is an issue that arises after deliverance, there definitely
could be more demonic involved.  However, the need isn’t for more deliverance necessarily, the need is for inner healing.  If you have already been through breaking generational chains and renouncing the enemy and you are finding yourself struggling, then a new layer has emerged for healing.  The reason you can notice demonic influence after deliverance is they have a right to be there.
  There is a belief system that allows them to stay.  We can kick them out all day long, we have all authority, but if you have a belief system that is in agreement with them, they will come right back.  Your beliefs are the door the enemy uses to come in. Let me say that your beliefs are NOT your fault.  They are the result of pain and a lot of times heavy trauma.  The enemy loves to cause trauma specifically so he can implant the false belief systems.
 The difficult part is that most of these beliefs are formed before we are 5 years old.  They have become so normal to us, we don’t even know we believe them.   Inner healing will help you uncover those beliefs.  Some people call these soul wounds some people call them bitterroot judgements.  Some of this work can be done on your own.  We have a document on our “Renew the Mind” page that can help.
  If you have experienced any trauma, you will need someone to help you with this process.  There are many ways to healing.  You can see a counselor, find a church that does prophetic prayer, you can look for a therapist that offers EMDR or ART therapy.  You will need support to help you deal with the beliefs buried in trauma.  The beliefs are stored in the right side of the brain and getting to them sometimes requires help.
  Your deliverance was successful in starting you on the healing path.  We will all need to continue taking steps on that path for as long as we are alive.  I pray peace and direction over your steps as you ponder what the Lord would have you do next.  He is faithful, He saves to the uttermost.  He will lead you.