Renew your mind

When you make a mistake, renounce it and repent. We are to continue in our quest to be Christ-like. If you see a pattern to your mistakes (like loosing your temper) ask the Lord to reveal the root of that sin (like fear of not being valued). Ask Him to show you where that seed was planted (like when you were a small child and got left out of games) and what your heart believed, (like “I don’t matter” or “no one loves me”). Write each lie down and renounce it. Ask Him for His truth to replace it. Ask Him to renew your mind to these truths, to cleanse every cell in your body that lined up with the lies.

Here is a more detailed process to continue the path to the renewing of the mind:

The Five R’s

1. Repent. God, I acknowledge that I have fallen short of your pattern of ________, believed the lie of _________, and made decisions, soul ties, received generational sins, or been forced into accepting the evil pattern of _______ that I’ve later acted on when not being forced. I repent, speaking out loud my request to you, God, for forgiveness for ________, and I choose to forsake this ungodly pattern. In your strength, God, I purpose to live differently from before.
2. Receive. God, I accept/receive your forgiveness. I ask for some extra assurance from you, Lord, that I am wearing your robe of righteousness and that I am now holy before you. (Use imagination to go to a “safe place” or receive a picture, scripture, song, touch or some other means for cementing the truth into the soul).
3. Release.
a. God, I choose to forgive, bless and release to you each person and situation in my life, from early childhood to the present time, for their part in bringing about or reinforcing the ungodly pattern of __________in my life (silently, before God alone, forgive and bless each person).
b. God, I choose to forgive myself. Because of my choices, I have reaped harmful results. I forgive and release myself from all blame, shame and guilt, just like you have done for me, Jesus (say aloud so the enemy knows of this transaction).
4. Renounce.  With the authority given to me by Jesus Christ, in the power of His name and shed blood,  I command every evil spirit or forces serving the power of darkness, that were given access through these beliefs to go to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. I cancel all curses, assignments (whether human or spiritual) and any other weapon used against me in Jesus’ mighty name.
5. Replace. God, please fill with your Spirit all the places that have just been cleansed .(Spend time to see what God is putting into your heart and life to fill the newly emptied space – pictures, smells, encouraging words, scripture, songs, or an awareness of His presence. Bathe in what He may be putting in – character traits, godly attitudes, wisdom for your situation, or … Record those and share with others).
Thank you, God, for taking me on another step to the on-going victory that you promise. Thank you Jesus for coming to set the captives free!