The Process

The process will be a quiet prayer session, which is divided into two parts. One is removing the demonic control and oppression over you. The other will be addressing healing that is necessary from things like emotional wounds and abuse. Each part is extremely necessary. Deliverance is only part of the work that must be done. We must commit to renew our minds and fight to keep the freedom that has been given. There will be a prayer covering established and commands made to the demonic to maintain divine order. There will be some things you will read and declare aloud to remove the legal rights the enemy has to you.

At this point, we will ask you to relax and ask the Lord to take you into His presence. You will be aware of what is happening in the room. Detailed notes will be taken for you so that you can analyze them later. This process works best when you rest in the Lord’s presence, and repeat the first thought that comes to mind without processing or analyzing. The Holy Spirit orders the battle; we follow His leading.

We will be interrogating the demonic and asking them to reveal ONLY what the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh requires to be revealed. They will speak to your mind in the form of thoughts. Your job is to simply repeat the first thing you hear or see. Work will be done to remove any identity you may have outside of Christ and His plan for you. False belief systems and lies will be exposed. The Lord’s truth to the lies will be revealed. Incredible insight is given as to the tactics of the enemy and how they have hindered your life and the lives of those around you.

Once the interrogation process is complete, the demonic are cast out and your house is swept clean (Luke 11). In the second part of the prayer, we address the Holy Spirit directly. This is an extraordinary experience with the Lord. We will be asking Him to reveal His gifts to you, His call on your life and your spiritual armor.

The deliverance prayer is like a spiritual surgery. It is our prayer that powerful emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing will be yours through this process. Please allow for a time of rest. Incredible internal changes will happen. It can take a week or so for it all to settle. It is important that you leave time to process what the Lord has done for you. This healing process is a journey, we urge you to continue seeking inner healing as the need arises.