We prayed for a man who grew up in a Christian home, but he was paralyzed to move forward in his life.  He was seeking freedom from anger, bitterness and anxiety.  He wanted to be able to walk in the calling God had for him.  He had worked hard to build a relationship with God, but he felt stuck.

At birth, he was hit with generational curses to silence his voice.  The root of these was from both sides of the family.  A woman way back in his family line had murdered her husband out of anger.  This allowed the women in his family to become bitter against men and to dominate them. The men then retreated into silence to avoid conflict and they abdicated their position of spiritual authority.

There was also a strong theme of abandonment because of a genocide that had taken place many generations before.  The women felt alone when the men were killed.  Abandonment also came later through a pregnant woman who was left alone to raise the baby.

In his life abandonment came as a small child when he witnessed his father’s outbursts of anger toward the mother.  In response, as a baby, he learned to fear conflict and hide from anger.  He had a fear of connecting to people and later in life, this pulled him into connecting to people through pornography, because in that relationship he wouldn’t be rejected.

The guilt from the hiding and the pornography played like a loop on repeat until his identity became warped.  He felt like he had more in common with the demonic than he did with Christ. It left him feeling caged with a demon next to him and the powers of the generational curses locked him inside this perpetual place of  judgement.

The enemy broke his confidence by telling him:

  • Life is too hard, too tiring, it will take too much out of you.
  • You will never be respected, you are worthless.
  • You will never truly have a father.
  • You will always have to fight for your acceptance and joy.
  • You will have to fight for everything.

The Lord’s truth:

He has rest in God.  God can carry him.  God holds him in the palm of His hand. He cannot be plucked out of it. God has great plans for him.  He will be known by others, people will have the chains broken off of them.

You are mine.  I will never leave you.  You will walk with me and I with you.  You are called to intimacy in Me.  Nothing will stop me for having intimacy with you.  

 People will accept you because they know me.  Other people will reject you because you know me.  The only acceptance you need is Mine.  I will never leave you.  You are no longer guilty.  The judgement is not the jail cell for you, it is my blood covering you, you are clean.  

The enemy used his gift of discernment against him by overwhelming him with other people’s emotions and bondage.  It felt like his own baggage.  He also tied his emotions to the lies that:

  • He is responsible for other people’s emotions.
  • If he doesn’t protect his family from the repercussions of their actions then he isn’t a good son or brother.
  • How can he stand in the gap for others if he fails to stand in the gap for his own family in this way?
  • Conflict brings fear, he must hide.
  • His happiness is tied to his family’s emotional state.
  • Sacrifice yourself to save them.
  • You can never truly be free.

Through these lies, the enemy crippled his motivation, his emotional state and his happiness.

The Lord’s truth:

I AM responsible.  You are the conduit through which my responsibility flows. You cannot protect them, you can only guide them.  Your happiness cannot be rooted in other people’s feelings.  You can root it in what you choose to do in the conflict, not to run or hide, but to be a voice.  This is what you were built for.  The results are up to God. You are only to listen and speak God’s words, let the rest be in My hand. You cannot hide and be a voice at the same time.  Nobody can hear a muffled cry.

 I have already sacrificed myself to save them, you just have to show my sacrifice.  Sacrificing yourself is a burden no one is meant to carry. 

  You are righteous, you are free.  The Chainbreaker has come.  The only thing you have to know is who you are- You are a child of the Most High God, His faithful servant in whom God is most pleased.-  If you can show that to others, you will be able to relate to them.  Respect comes from being genuine. There is so much richness in knowing someone else-not through pornography that meets physical needs through the mind- I will give you the person and you will walk the path together.  You will find pleasure in ME and I in you.  Your confidence will come from knowing MY voice. It will become easier as the other voices cease.

You are free.  Your refuge is not in hiding to avoid conflict.  Hide in me and become the peacemaker.