When Rebuking Isn’t Working

The authority of the believer is sufficient through Christ.  His power is made perfect in our weakness.  Everything that we ever needed done for us was done on the cross before the foundation of the world.  Through the blood of Jesus we have access to every spiritual blessing, all authority has been given to us.

Why does that feel like it isn’t enough?

We can rebuke the enemy all day long and yet we are still harassed and have destructive schemes playing out in our lives.  Why is that? Human spirits.  You can stand in every truth of scripture and walk in your authority and still be terribly oppressed because of what Satan has done to manipulate free will.

A human spirit is actually the soul of man when the conscious or subconscious mind is absent from the body.  There are many reasons how and why this happens.  Consciously, people have learned to astral travel to attain position and authority in other dimensions.  New Age practices teach followers that astral traveling is moving through levels of worlds, fighting the opposition to achieve a blissful state of serene beauty and power.  This is a deception. The dark forces they are opposing are actually fellow human beings on earth.  The enemy tells them to destroy and conquer the opposition in order that destiny can be fulfilled.  What they are actually doing is taking spiritual weapons and using them to destroy the lives of people.  People who are aware of spiritual warfare and walking in the identity Christ died to give, are a huge focus for their attacks.

Then there is the subconscious astral traveling.  This happens through trauma, often skillfully manipulated trauma for the very reason of splitting the soul and causing so much terror that the soul leaves the body.  The body is seen as a place of pain and torture, the astral plane is seen as a place of freedom. This is a deception. When a soul leaves the body, it can be captured.  Terror done to the soul can be felt by the body. It can cause illness and disease. A soul leaving the body opens a portal for other beings to inhabit the body.  This is not possession, it is trespassing.  Great harm can be funneled into the body physically by human spirits trespassing.  (People have described this as wanting to climb out of their skin, climb the walls, like they are watching their life as a spectator from above or away from the body, feeling absent from their surroundings, not able to connect with anyone, feeling like they aren’t operating their body,  etc)

If you have sudden inexplicable anxiety, pain or illness, you are most likely in a spiritual battle without even having awareness.  You can be renouncing sin, rebuking the enemy and claiming scripture and still not feeing the victory.  You are most likely in an attack by human spirits.  They can go where demons can’t.  They don’t need permission, they don’t need a curse or sin to allow them like demons do.  They have free will, the gift Jesus died to ensure for us.  So do you.  You can use your free will to stop their access.

How do you stop it?  

  • Be aware of texts, emails and phone calls.  How do you feel after you receive them? People can travel with their technological contacts to you.
  • Be aware that other people will access those you love in order to access you.  It may not be the person who is contacting you that is astral traveling, it could be someone they are connected with that is trying to reach you.
  • Have strong boundaries for technology just before you sleep.  Social media is full of leylines (supernatural highways) and human spirits are traveling to invade your being.
  • Cleanse every electronic device in your home with the blood of Jesus and close every avenue of access in His name.
  • Eat foods that do not inflame the cells of your body.  Human spirits aggravate the cells of the body and cause incredible stress to the system.  Ease the toxic load on your body by not consuming highly processed, highly toxic foods.
  • Dissipate all astral rituals concerning you in Jesus name and ask the angels of God to remove the human spirits to be taken to the throne of the Most High God for judgement.
  • Rebuke the enemy in Jesus name and ask the Lord to rebuke the cosmic beings and entities that only He can command. (Read the book of Jude and ask the Lord to show you how that relates to human spirits and spiritual battle with high level evil beings)
  • Ask the Lord to rescue any trapped parts of you in other dimensions.
  • There are undetectable sound waves being transmitted that scatter souls and call them into the astral realm. Worship the Lord to settle your soul and bring you into alignment with the Most High God.
  • Practice forgiveness, even of horrific evil.  Hatred and bitterness tie you in the spiritual realm to the person who harmed you and it allows them continued access.
  • Search your heart regularly and ask the Lord to reveal wounds that allow attachments to darkness.  Strongholds are hidden in wounds.
  • Be aware that innocent groups can actually have an underground occult sub- group.  NOTHING is out of the question.  No matter the cause, medical, educational, even church or a worship concert, there are people pretending to be Christians or harmless helpers that are coming to the events to practice witchcraft and weave spiritual webs over you.  At all times, in all ways, be in prayer before the Lord for His kingdom to be established in you.  You are the light of the world, SHINE!

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